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Wound care

The Crestview Physical Therapy Clinic has over 35 years of experience with wound care.

Evaluation of your wound will consist of wound measurements, color, odor, drainage, edema, surrounding tissue condition and palpation of appropriate pulses.

Wound care can be provided on a daily basis and may include dressing changes, and if needed debridement; whether it is as simple as wiping with gauze to sharp debridement with a scalpel and scissors. The wound will be lavaged and appropriate medication applied as prescribed by your physician. Medications are to be purchased by the patient prior to the physical therapy appointment.

Appropriate reports will be provided to your physician to allow him or her to stay informed of the progress of your wound healing.

Our physical therapists customize each treatment plan to meet your specific needs to include:

  • Chronic wounds
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Wounds from traumatic injury
  • Wounds from vascular disorders
  • Venous or arterial insufficiency
  • Radiation-induced tissue injury
  • Burns

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