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Patient Results

  • The treatment I received was outstanding! The staff was courteous and professional. After this period of treatment, my knee feels great. If rehab was required again, I will request this clinic.


  • I have completed my physical therapy and can honestly say, I felt like I was in very good hands. The staff is very professional and friendly. I feel better!!!


  • Before: my back is tense and aching with stiffness on my lower right side. After: warm, relaxed, slightly numb. Feels much better. Everyone is nice, professional and on time!!!!


  • In the beginning I could hardly walk, even with a cane. After the 1st session I could begining to feel the improvement and it has been better and better each time. Thanks so much for helping to get back on my feet. All of you are great.


  • When I arrived at CVPCT I was in constant pain from both the surgical procedure and the trauma from fracturing my T6 vertebrae. I have had several back injuries in the past and conducted PT in several clinics. The other clinics focused on core strengthening exercises from arching to rocking on exercise ball. At cvptc the focus exercises were conducted in the pool. The water pressure allowed low impact while strengthening the core and stretching the traumatized area. Currently the pain level from the surgical procedure has drastically decreased and the pain from the trauma is only present after heavy lifting.


  • Range of motion in my neck was limited, it has increases 20-25% with physical therapy.


  • I came in here with a lot of pain in my right arm. Unbelievable, but I left after one hour without any. Thank you so much.


  • Working with Tom and his staff has been so rewarding! Can’t thank them enough. I feel like a new man!!!


  • I was very happy with the staff and exercises really made a difference in my recovery.   Thanks again for all your help.