Do you have have chronic pain complaints (neck, back, knee, hip, arm, shoulder and even HEADACHES!)?

Let us introduce you to Total Motion Release (TMR)!  This technique basically comprises of four body movements; an arm lift, a trunk twist, a straight leg raise, and a sit to stand maneuver.  We then compare right to left and using the easier side we use those same four motions in a specific treatment pattern to not only have the right-left movements become equal, but also have your main issue, ie.. pain or specific movement restrictions, be made less.  In a lot of cases, the patient gets significant pain relief and improved mobility after the first treatment sessions.  After that treatment session we follow up with the patient to see how well they are continuing with the TMR at home.  Once they have a handle on the technique, we then address any specific muscle groups that may need to be strengthened in order to prevent further return of the pain or limited flexibility problems.  The most amazing thing about this technique is, it is something we can teach the patient to do for themselves!!!! Call our office for more information 850-682-7466.