Severe head & neck pain can be disabling. For this reason, our first priority is pain relief. Treating the underlying causes of identifiable movement dysfunction is the next step toward achieving long-term relief and recovery.
Total Motion Release Technique (TMR) is a scientific method that is both comprehensive and can be used to enhance any manual technique. So, how effective is it? A physical therapist who applies its principles will see results up to seven times faster. With TMR, 100 percent of the body is used instead of just the affected area. Lower extremities can be used to fix upper extremities, and the right side of the body can be used to fix the left side. It’s a radical approach to pain.

One of the main advantages of TMR over traditional therapy approaches is that it teaches you how to fix yourself, no matter where the pain is. This therapy looks at movement patterns to determine where restrictions are, and it uses good movement patterns to improve faulty ones. The bottom line is that you’re only using comfortable motions instead of painful ones. No equipment is needed. You can apply the motion, again and again, to make pain go away. It puts you in control of the pain. You can learn TMR from a physical therapist or even group sessions.

TMR allows the body to re-align and heal naturally. It provides almost immediate relief to those nagging pains and aches. It’s a lifetime tool that can be used again and again. Even children with cerebral palsy and other motor function disorders can benefit from TMR. Physical therapists use a modified form of TMR tailored to each individual child. It’s a painless treatment to bring the trunk and head into better alignment. Physical therapists also teach parents and caregivers how to use this technique to help their children. Both the young and the old can benefit from TMR.

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