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The Crestview Physical Therapy Clinic is concerned with the care of each patient as an individual Patients are referred to our Clinic by a physician and they deserve quality care. Each patient shall be evaluated and assessed by a Registered Physical Therapist and an appropriate treatment program shall be established, along with corresponding goals to meet the needs of the patients.

Our Clinic shall not only treat Crestview Physician referred patients, but also patients referred to us from proper outside sources.

Our Clinic shall employ competent staff to insure the best quality of patient care. We shall provide frequent in-services for the benefit of the entire clinical staff and, if applicable, for other clinic personnel. Our registered physical therapists shall attend continuing education seminars in an effort to remain abreast of new beneficial techniques.

Crestview Physical Therapy Clinic will strive to maintain compliance with all regulatory agency’s rules, statutes, guidelines, etc.

The treatment provided here at Crestview Physical Therapy clinic is one which provides the quickest solution to your problem and teaches you a technique to treat yourself. Most clinics just treat the patient, but do not teach the patient how to treat themselves. For more information, Contact us at Crestview, FL center.

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